turning Christians into

The Lord sent us to proclaim the good news of His Kingdom,

and to make from all nations His disciples. 

But, how?

Personal Discipleship

Click here if you want to learn about evangelism, how to present the gospel, baptize in water and Spirit, and bring disciples from babyhood to stability

Disciple Groups

Click here if you want to establish healthy and dynamic groups of disciples that will grow deep roots and function as a spiritual family, where everyone is safe and built up


Click here if you have one or more groups under your care but you want to see them reproduce, creating a movement that will impact their city


If you have a church, house group, network, organization, or movement already in action, but you feel it needs help to reach the vision that the Lord had put in your heart, feel free to contact us and we can come to help serve you with finding out and carrying out the next step in your walk with God. We can coach you further online, and guide, inspire and pray for you as you move on.

Catalytic teams

Time to leave the building. You want everyone’s focus turn unto the outside, towards the lost. You long to see God’s Spirit move through signs and wonders, you hunger for fruit, but you don’t know how to inspire or equip them.
Contact us and we will help you create a local team that will bring new power and passion, changing church goers into active and fruit-bearing disciples of the Lord Jesus.

On-line mentoring

You are standing alone in your walk with God. You find no group of believers in which to grow in your relationship with the Lord, be trained, equipped, and deepen in Scriptures. 
Even though it is not the ideal model of fellowship and discipleship, through online meetings we can help you! You can be embraced in a body of brothers and sisters who will guide you, pray for you and send you to build your own local community. 

Our Journey

It's All About The Next Step

Let us know how we can help you, if you need prayer., if you think we've missed something.
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