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Kingdom Community

Unlocking the keys to the apostolic work, from organic to systematic growth

Organic to Systematic

Every move of God has respected the natural development and choices of His people. Nonetheless, He had a plan, a strategy, an order. Is it also like that for the church?


Stepping out into reaching a new people group requires more than chance or revelation. It requires a plan, and a firm decision to finish what the Lord has started.

DNA package

What is going to be passed on to the next generation of disciple-makers? What is flexible and what should never change?


An apostolic team requires more than friendship or brotherhood. They need to be able to count on each other.

New gathering dynamics

As the group grows and deepens, the needs and goals of the gatherings will need to be adapted to the new goals of the team.

Generational growth

We all desire to reach out and help more people. But where will they be added? How can the groups grow healthily?

Five-fold ministry

This is a very common point of discussion and distraction. How does the Word of God teaches they should operate?


The Kingdom of God has structure, but it is totally different than worldly structures. How does the Bible teach leadership?

Transition to local leaders

The apostolic work has an expiry date. The apostolic workers should give the work over to the local leaders. But, how?