Kingdom Culture

Discover what a disciple is and learn to make disciples

The story of God and man

Before learning about discipleship, we need to understand the story of God as a sovereign King, His Kingdom, the rebellion and us. Understanding this story is crucial.

The Kingdom of God

We were sent to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom, and the Lord Jesus proclaimed repentance in connection to the Kingdom. Why is that important?

The Gospel

Gospel means good news. We are sent to proclaim the “Good news of the Kingdom.” What are those good news exactly?   

The New Birth

We call people to step out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God. How did the Lord say it should happen?


The Lord sent us to make of all nations His disciples. How is this exactly done? What was the Lord’s strategy?

Spiritual Ages

The Lord took 3 years with the twelve to fully train His disciples. What are the stages of growth? What can you expect?

How to start making disciples

Now you understand the basic concepts and goals. Let’s be practical: how can you find, choose, and disciple other people?