Being inspired in Switzerland

In 2006 I met a community of brothers that worked around Barcelona. We became very fast close friends, and some of them came with me in some of my journeys in South America. They had a very solid and stable foundation of discipleship and church life, which caught my attention, though it was not time for me to pursue it yet. They had been planted by a Swiss guy, Marco Gmür, who is still mentoring them.

Finally in February this year I had the chance to meet him in a sudden one-day journey to Belgium, where he and the Barcelona team were on mission. It was a short but powerful meeting, where they prayed and prophesied for us. Then we were invited to visit him in Switzerland, so we could get to know their network and way of working. Finally in May we went, and it was very interesting.

Besides all the kindness and hospitality they showed for us, a delicious BBQ, and some lessons and discussions about our different points of view, I was able to see first hand what a developed and stable local community looks like. They had a very clear DNA, and many house groups with healthy vision and leadership. I liked particularly two things: their depth into shepherding people, and their focus on children and family life. Upon arrival, for example, Marco called all my kids and taught them a lesson about Jesus and the tabernacle. After the lesson they went to color a drawing of it, and then we could talk with him.

All in all, the inspiration I received from them (unknown to them, I guess) was to put down on paper everything the Lord has been revealing and teaching me since 2015, and that is what I have started to do. Now a bit on pause due to this website, but I am working on a sort of book or manual that explains everything I know, from the story between God and man and God’s Kingdom, to evangelism, new birth, discipleship, and communities. A great deal of it has been the blueprint to set up this website.

It’s always important to meet brothers in the Kingdom who are further than us. We will never find anyone we fully agree with to a 100%, but where you see a good doctrine and good and abiding fruit, there is always lots to learn. Not to copy, nor to be absorbed by, but to learn from them. Remember that.