Help us to serve

Thanks for considering being part of this project!

All the lessons, texts, videos and coaching we provide through this site are free of charge. Your help will allow us to continue to do so, and also to be able to travel, train, and coach people that can’t afford our traveling costs. 

Where your donation will go to

We want to keep things as transparent as possible. We value your donation as God-given money, and consider it money of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, it will be used wisely and conscientiously. Your donation will go to one of the following needs:

  • For the workers behind this ministry (such as teachers, apostolic workers, website developers, writers), and the costs of their work. I strongly believe that the worker is worth its wages, and would like to avoid using people’s skills for free.
  • For traveling costs when going to a third world country, or to communities that can’t afford bringing us there.
  • For the poor. This means not to organizations, but to real people whose needs we have personally seen. We strongly believe that this is something that we as church are commanded to do, as much individually as collectively.
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