Discipleship Groups

How do we live out church?

  • How do we meet?
  • When and where to have fellowship?
  • What are we to do when we are together?
  • Who do we meet with?
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Principles above practice

After the new birth, the Bible does not teach things as methods, but as principles. What does that mean for us, and how can we use it?

Goals of a Kingdom Family

To be church, is it a goal or a means to an end? It is very important to understand why we need to get together.

The Gatherings

There is not a fixed way to arrange our gatherings. Nonetheless, the Bible does show what we should reach. Here you will find a good starting point.

Skills training

After growing and deepening the roots of a disciple, the Bible shows that we need to train them in the practical areas of the work of the Kingdom. How? Find it out here.

The evangelism route

Every time we share the gospel is different. Every conversation is unique. But what is the standard order of revelations that brings a person to faith in Jesus?

Tips for evangelism

Let’s be practical. Even though every person is unique and every conversation can take different turns, there are do’s and don’ts if we want to be effective.

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