New Life

Who is this for?

This is an envisioning and coaching package that aims at communities of disciples (either congregations, networks, cell groups, house churches. etc.) who need to regain focus in the work of the Kingdom of God. By that we mean, for example, that you have been too long together without seeing fruit: no radical conversions, lack of holiness, lost the guidance of the Spirit, no miracles or signs, divisions, etc.

How does it work?

First through video calls, we will try to find out what is the God-given vision of your group, or if you have any. Then we will share with you a couple of teachings by video call, and give you time to work them out in your heart and on practice.

Then, we will send two workers to your location. They will work in making contact and having fellowship with different people of your community, to find the gap between the vision and the reality, and bring unity between what God wants you to do and what is the current situation of the group. After that, they will share teachings to explain the whole vision of the Kingdom of God, and what is the ultimate goal that the Lord has for His church. Finally, they will explain, based on their observations, what would be your next step into the right direction in order to reach that God-given goal.

After their departure, they will coach you to take that next step effectively through weekly calls.

How much does it cost?

This, as much as everything we offer on this site, is free of cost.

We do need, nonetheless, accommodation at a house of someone from your community (which is part of our evaluation of your reality and needs) and food. Nothing special, no hotels. We need to see the average daily life of those who have fellowship with you.

We don’t always have funds for plane tickets. So if you could also help us cover those costs, we will be there faster.