No visa to Canada? no problem!

A while ago I was asked by Olivier, a good dear brother we met when we were still working with The Last Reformation (TLR), to help out with a Bible school they were running in Canada. These were going to be students who had just gone through a Pioneer Training School, and were interested in learning what to do after people come to faith.

Applying for the Canadian visa was a very long ordeal to me. I have migrated twice, and travel to about 30 countries in 4 continents, but I had never been asked so many documents and information. Besides, after finally sending all the documents and paying the fees, they told me I had to go to Germany just to deliver finger prints. Very stressing process altogether, but after all the effort… my application got rejected because I had no properties nor job. So we needed a plan B.

Thanks to technology, I was able to set up an improvised distance course. Just with my laptop, a borrowed mic, some extra lamps, and voila! We had two weeks of lessons covering a lot of things, such as New Testament history, discipleship one-on-one, church planting, developing community DNA, apostolic work, and many more things.

I did notice, nonetheless, that it was too much information. It’s like teaching a couple of newly weds about how to find a good wife for your son. Many of it was not fitting for different parts of the crowd. It went well though, since it is all Bible-based, but I came up with ideas for better sharing this information online and training communities in short time spans.

This seminar inspired me to organize two things through this site: webinars for limited audiences, with just one specific topic at a time, and courses that will expand and go very deep but also very practical about many different topics.

It was great to be able to equip brothers and sisters through the TLR platform, and to see that even though we have a different task, the mission is still the same, and we need to recognize our different abilities and serve one another. It’s all about the Kingdom of God, His people, His church, the lost, and not websites, organizations, movements or methods.

Let’s keep up the good work!