Paying a visit to a good brother

Since the making of the TLR documentary “The Life,” David Lou Bega became a dear friend to me. We shared many ideas in common about the church and discipleship, and we try to call each other frequently. Nonetheless, our agendas are quite full with all different kinds of appointments. We live just 3 hours away, but we hardly ever get the chance to see each other.

In February we had finally both a weekend free. He had to minister to a young lady that was struggling with social fears, and he asked me if I would like to help. So, I took the chance to spend a couple of days with him and some friends.

I went with my camper there, and we could spend the day with his Dutch and German contacts. We were able to pray twice for the lady in question, and she could experience a strong deliverance after a very intense time of prayer. The Lord helped us, and it was beautiful to be able to do something with no stage or cameras. Just the regular service for the Kingdom, together for the first time. Till then we had only seen each other at events where we both had something to do, but now we could just work for the Kingdom together.

He keeps contact with that lady and her mother, and we hope that it can develop into a discipleship. So far, unfortunately, it has not gotten there. But where seeds have been planted, there’s a big chance that something fruitful will grow.

Keep David and his family in your prayers. They are at a very strategic spot, using his worldly musical career as a daily opportunity to work for the Kingdom. The Lord gives them strong direction, and they get the chance to share their faith with people that would not be reached otherwise. They have also recorded a beautiful Christian album, that you can listen to here.