Strengthening the church in Geneva

In 2017 I met a couple that became dear friends of me and my wife: Patricia and Thierry, from Geneva. They have been very active in the Kingdom, and there is now a growing local network there. Nevertheless, after hearing my teachings in Denmark at the Jesus Center in 2018, they realized I could help their network to find some vision and direction.

So after many months trying to fix an appointment, we finally made it to go there with our family. We were received on the French mountains, just outside Geneva, across the border. It was such a lovely welcoming people, we felt like never leaving again. Very loving welcoming people.

For two days I shared with them the best I knew of the Kingdom and church life, and it was a blessing to both of them. Every time I give something to the Kingdom of God, I always receive a lot or experience, or love, or revelations. I was also tremendously blessed through a very generous gift, which I had not asked for and that I totally didn’t expect, but that we really needed at that time.

Thierry did a great job recording and editing all the teachings, so they are now available for all the French community. You can see the complete seminar here. I have been giving similar training seminars online as well, to different communities and churches. If you are interested, don’t hesitate contacting me!